What We Do

LMSA is a specialist in renewable energy and world-class defense solutions, delivering a lineup of products designed to cater to applications of various scales and budgets.

For LMSA, a sustainable, secure model for the future is more than a business model. It is a calling that defines who we are as people.

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We are staunch believers in innovation-first design; an approach that has inspired our product lineup and priorities for the coming years. We have carefully cultivated a network of world-class brands and engineers who can provide an ever-growing range of solutions.


Given the rising global demand for consistent and reliable clean energy, LMSA is in a unique position to provide unparalleled expertise in the field of large-scale, turnkey solar solutions, the deployment of which can be a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. By merging cutting-edge research and development, progressive and functional designs, and stellar supply and distribution channels, we have effectively bridged the divide between sustainability, performance and profitability.

Meanwhile, LMSA is also actively working toward accelerating advancements in the field of defense and public security. Given the growing complexity of today’s physical and virtual perimeters, security breaches have become increasingly more common and destructive. LMSA provides defense and public safety solutions that deliver enhanced situational awareness and immediate access to critical information for rapid response, which saves lives and protects vital infrastructure.


LMSA is able to deliver tailored solutions designed and implemented by leading experts, with a lineup that spans single components to full turnkey solutions. Our services are backed by an affiliate network of leading global consultants and a science-based approach to engineering and project management, allowing us to scale up based on needs, available funding and existing deployment challenges.

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LMSA has a proven track record of success that spans the Middle East and Africa, with plans to expand our footprint into the United Kingdom and other European markets. Our growing portfolio of partners includes global giants such as General Dynamics whose product line has arguably defined the trajectory of current and future defense solutions.