Clean Energy

Global efforts are rightfully geared toward pursing, harnessing and deploying superior clean energy solutions to curb the worst impacts of climate change, many of which have already become perceptible in numerous continents worldwide. Evolving beyond fossil fuels is a crucial step toward securing humanity’s future.

As urbanization continues to bring mass development to communities throughout the globe, demands for consistent and reliable energy is on the rise, placing greater pressures on businesses and governments to search for alternate sources. As the world prepares for the worst impacts of climate change, a shift toward more sustainable solutions is all but essential, particularly for organizations that want to lead the charge in terms of social responsibility.

LMSA Clean Energy Solar Panels.
LMSA Engineering

Through our partnership with leading manufacturers who adopt a revolutionary approach in the industry. LMSA can deliver a wide range of energy solutions that include state-of-the-art hybrid generators and proprietary energy storage solutions among others. We are also specialists in the deployment of energy solutions of all scales, ranging from single component installations to the deployment of large-scale energy plants.

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Solar Energy

Much of the complexity of the global energy market is driven by the growing need for organizations and governments to break away from fossil fuels. Climate change, pollution, the volatility of oil pricing, and a myriad other factors can pose a real and marked danger to the global economy, which is why solar energy is poised to become the next golden standard for sustainable, reliable energy.
LMSA is able to deploy photovoltaic solutions for virtually any urban application, ranging from small-scale local applications to community-level power plants. This is why we have partnered with global leaders in the field of solar energy. Our team can deliver projects of any scale and provides the full range of services required to complete a project, including feasibility studies, design and development, project management, construction and engineering, deployment, among other secondary services.

Conventional Energy Systems

In order to deliver the full range of energy solutions in today’s highly demanding environment, LMSA consistently delivers the full range of the power systems, including natural gas and diesel generators with capacities ranging from 5 to 2500 KVA. Our partners work with the world’s most reputable brands, including Perkins, Kohler, FPT-IVECO or Volvo-Penta.

Battery Systems

Energy storage is an integral component of any efficient infrastructure, and it happens to be one of our core specialities. LMSA can deliver state-of-the-art tailored battery systems that incorporate different chemistries to fit for different applications. Our solutions are safe, environmentally-friendly, superior performance, and significantly more cost-efficient.

Hybrid Power Generation

While solar and wind power offer limitless potential, much research and development is still required before they can exclusively be used to cover the needs of large-scale organizations and communities. This is where hybrid systems can deliver the best of both worlds by providing the efficiency and renewability of clean energy, while allowing for the use of diesel and gas as a fallback.


Hybrid power generation is the most reliable all-round solution for enterprises of any scale or requirements. With LMSA’s comprehensive offering of unparalleled supply chains, resources and expertise, our team can deliver environmentally friendly solutions that are effective, economical and adaptable, allowing organizations to significantly decrease their carbon footprints and operational expenses without risking the stability of off-grid and bad grid applications.


Our hybrid system can be used across a multitude of industries that require uninterrupted and high volume energy, including defense, telecoms, petrochemicals, construction, health, and others. Our solutions bring a set of unique features, including:


  • Uninterrupted power supply around-the-clock, especially with the availability of more than one energy source.
  • Significant savings: Reductions in operational expenses, a lower total cost of ownership and increased returns on investment due to reduced maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption.
  • Extend the life of your existing generation infrastructure by 300%.
  • Up to 80% reduction in air pollution.

Our lineup of services includes:

LMSA - Engineering

Engineering and deployment of photovoltaic plants

LMSA Engineering - Feasibility studies.

Feasibility studies

LMSA Engineering - Conceptual design.

Conceptual design

LMSA Engineering - Integrative and detail engineering

Integrative and detail engineering

LMSA Engineering - Specialized EPC

Specialized EPC

LMSA Engineering - Intermediary/consultation services.

Intermediary/consultation services

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