Defense and Public Safety

The human race has spent the better part of its history developing means of defense based on perimeter security, not knowing that global population growth and increasing geopolitical complexity will render many of these means obsolete.

Today, defense is an ever-growing field that is increasingly governed by the advancement of a number of core technologies.

More importantly, natural disasters, transnational crime and other complex threats are increasing globally, creating the need for a more rapid and coordinated response from first responders.

LMSA Defence Military Solutions.
LMSA Defence Anti Drone.

LMSA provides defense and public safety solutions that deliver enhanced situational awareness and immediate access to critical information for rapid response, which saves lives and protects vital infrastructure. Our primary services among others includes span anti-drone systems, LTE private networks. tunnel detection systems, and cybersecurity solutions.

Modern day defense and public safety demands the an amalgam of specialised systems that not only intercommunicate but also overlap in their functions. Such systems require the development of tailored concepts that operate under a single point for command, control, communications, computation, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Our solutions include

Anti-Drone Systems

In today’s rapidly-developing market, the need for a cutting-edge anti-drone system is unprecedented. The growing threat of drones continues to pose measurable security risks to countries and communities around the globe, particularly with the exponential evolution in the capabilities of these devices in term of size, speed, autonomy, ability to carry deadly payloads.

LMSA has partnered with world class technology providers to offer truly tailor-made solutions in the arena of anti-drone systems, taking into consideration the variations core technologies and topography to encompass drones of all classes.

LTE Private Networks

LMSA can provide end-to-end high speed Mesh and 4G LTE Networks that delivers instant access to critical information needed by law enforcement, first responders, government agencies, military personnel and energy markets including voice, video, data, text and chat. Users can retrieve data at high speeds with any 4G LTE enabled device, including smartphones, tablets or mobile hotspots.

Ad hoc Networks

LMSA can deliver mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) that feature self-forming / self-healing, link adaptation, adaptive routing, transparent ip networking, multi-cast traffic & multi-channel networks. Such capabilities, when combined, can provide robust, high-speed connectivity in mission critical operational scenarios where permanent wireless infrastructure is unavailable.

Tunnel Detection System

LMSA can provide a scalable Tunnel Detection Solution that represents the latest technologies in terms of hardware and software. Such a system can help law enforcement agencies and the military to combat various daily threats, detecting intruders tunnelling up to a depth of 1,000 feet underground, and across a surface distance of up to 1,500 feet from the system’s sensors.

Cyber Security

In a world so fundamentally connected, cyber defense has become vital in any strategy to safeguard sensitive information and assets, especially given the rising threat of attacks in terms of volume and complexity. LMSA is your go-to ally in the fight against threats, offering an array of tools designed to scale up your cybersecurity platforms and add provisions for prevention, detection and response.


Our qualified experts use hybrid adaptive and proactive security capabilities, operating under the highest standards of excellence, including  PCI-DSS, EAL3, SOX, OWASP and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST-FIPS). We also incorporate several open-source and proprietary solutions that span penetration, security information and event management, and security orchestration automation response (SOAR), all of which are combined with internal proprietary scripting tools


LMSA also adopts an aggressive approach to neutralizing cyber threats, such as the use of invasive malware to track the intruders or malicious code to spread in targeted phishing campaigns against adversaries suspected to have originated cyberattacks. We are also able to develop platforms that leverage the power of big data to conduct a number of defense operations, including detection of adversary activities in real time; attribution of the threat source; flexibility of response actions; and intelligence diffusion.

Command and Control Centers

To ensure optimal communications in any operation, LMSA can provide a command and control solution which comprised of the widest set of technologies and concepts adopted by armed forces on the battlefield. The solution incorporates shared awareness, collaborative fighting, and real-time visualization of the battlefield, empowering commanders to make effective decisions and war-fighters to complete their missions.

Satellite Networks

LMSA can deliver satellite platforms that incorporate the latest technologies in Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems, allowing them to deliver the best performance at a minimum dynamic channel size, all while allowing for automatic allocation of the resources. Our Solution allows operations to improve communication with the field teams through satellite, all of which is performed in a cost-effective manner.


Microwave Backhauling


LMSA can provide Microwave Networks — including all-outdoor systems — that have unmatched capacity and system gain, with a strong set of advanced RF and Ethernet capabilities.

Border Control

LMSA can also provide a border security solution that creates solid connectivity between sensors and the core using a secure reliable network adapted to the surroundings and the mission.

Safe Cities

LMSA can provide a dedicated public safety system operating over a private 4G/LTE network and with the added ability to connect to other high-speed satellite and fiber optic networks. This will instantaneously and securely connect users with voice, video, and data to provide the right information at the right time.

Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention

LMSA can deliver a wide array of Perimeter Security Solutions that are multi-layered and geared-up with a combination of hardware and software including Vibration or inertia sensors, microwave detectors, Surface Watch Radar, video analytics platforms, PTZ EO/IR Sensors, etc.