At the heart of LMSA Engineering there is a belief that engineers have the unique ability to identify, design, build, and implement solutions that meet the needs of today, and tomorrow.

This drives our purpose in being a central part of the global engineering community. This is not a short-term initiative, but a commitment to pioneering engineering excellence for generations to come.

LMSA Engineering is actively involved in the sponsorship and development of young engineers. Through providing scholarships and working with leading universities and global partner affiliates, we are continually looking to find ways to better support the engineers of the future.

We aim to deploy our engineering excellence into three key industry sectors that we believe are critical for building a prosperous future. These sectors are energy, defence, and agriculture.

Critical sectors

We believe that engineering excellence needs to be deployed into three critical industry sectors, as to build a safer, more sustainable future.

Why Energy

A critical need to meet increased global energy demands while addressing the impact of climate change and the energy security of regions.

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Why Defence

A critical need to protect infrastructure, people, and assets for a safer and more secure future.

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Why Agriculture

A critical need to counter food scarcity and crop depletions due to climate change, within a world of growing populations.

Launching in 2023

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