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BCI Defence

Defence Solutions

LMSA Engineering builds and manages international businesses by bringing together world-class engineering to create a safer more sustainable future.


Transforming the global Energy landscape

We are committed to realizing a more sustainable world for all. We aim to develop the most advanced clean energy solutions capable of transforming the global energy landscape and delivering energy innovation that efficiently meets global demand and a net-zero future.

BCI Defence

Leading specialists in the fields of defence and public safety.

As global events continually change our world, there is a greater need to secure and defend people, resources, and assets. With nearly three decades of experience, BCI Defence has the specialist skills and proven track record in protecting our future for generations to come.

Launching in 2023

Harvesting innovation for a prosperous future.

We are bringing engineering excellence to the agriculture sector to deliver agricultural innovation, sustainability, and stability for generations to come.

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